International Atmosphere

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The last evening was the "goodbye dinner" for the International Volonteer, who worked in the castle during 3 weeks.

The group was including: 4 frenchs, 2 québécoises, 2 italians, 1 turkish girl, 1 finnish boy, 2 young french girl coordinators, and 1 man, the cutter (of stone).

I went with the cultur deputy mayor, and the youth deputy mayor.

It was the kind of atmosphere where I feel "myself". A melt of french (mainly), english, and other languages.

The International Volonteer shared the campsite with other summer camp for children, which where also celebrating their last day in Pouancé.

And curiously, one of the most interesting person I've talk to this eveing was a young boy of 12 y.o. He got french and american parents, so had both nationality, and was speaking both french and english. He was mainly living in New York (8 millions citizens), but was here, in a summer camp in Pouancé (3400 souls, lost in the countryside of France).

It was really nice to speak with him, one of the québécoise, and the turkish girl  ("When I'm drunk, I want to speak english, not french !").

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